How do I glue cardboard to cardboard?

When it comes to fixing cardboard to cardboard, some planning will get you far. You want the best possible bond, for desired results. We've run some tests and we think you'll have the best time with TECBOND® 14. A highly popular formulation among our clients, TECBOND® 14 is known for high delivery, very fast setting packaging adhesive.

  • Reference: TECBOND® 14

  • Open Time: Short

  • Colour(s): Pale Amber

  • Chemistry: EVA

  • Heat Resistant To: 85 °C

  • Low Temp Flex: -10 °C

  • Viscosity: Low

High delivery, very fast setting packaging adhesive.

12mm TECBOND® 14 Glue Sticks
15mm TECBOND® 14 Glue Sticks
43mm TECBOND® 14 Glue Slugs
12mm TEC® Glue Guns
15mm TEC® Glue Guns
43mm TEC® Glue Guns

Tool provided as-is by Power Adhesives Limited (GB registration number: 1193164). The results provided by this tool should be used as a guide, and applications should be thoroughly tested before being put into production. To speak to an adhesives advisor, please call us on 01268 885801.